OHT Offshore Heavy Transport Photography

OHT AS is one of the most experienced heavy transport vessel operators in the world.

The company’s headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway and OHT also have offices in Singapore, Korea, Shanghai, and Houston. They operate 5 semi-submersible heavy lift vessels: MV Eagle, MV Falcon, MV Hawk, MV Osprey and MV Albatross.

Aerial Marine Media have been shooting a wide range of offshore aerial photography for the company for almost a decade and loads have included single or multiple jack up rigsaccommodation and processing modules.

Almost all of the photography has taken place in the Straits of Malacca as the ships leave Singapore after loading or bunkering. 

The company uses our photography for marketing and corporate communications to potential customers as well as website, brochure and magazine exposure.

Project Description

Client: OHT Offshore Heavy Transport
Role: Helicopter Aerial Photographer
Helicopter Support: Solaire Helicopters
Pilots: Barry Chambers, Cliff Fournier, Eryk De La Montana
Format: High Definition photographic stills
Project: Corporate Communications Photography
Location: Malacca Straits