Malacca Straits Helicopter Marine Operations

Aerial Marine Media operate a specialist offshore helicopter aerial photography service into the Straits of Malacca for European maritime clients. The company has unlimited access to highly experienced pilots and cost effective rotor wing aircraft based at Subang International Airport, 20 mins flight time from One Fathom Bank in the primary shipping lanes. Camera ships include the Robinson R66 Marine, Bell, Leonardo Helicopters and the Airbus AS355 .

The Straits are bordered by Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and strategically they provide the shortest commercial trade route between Asia and Europe as well as the three most populous countries of India, China and Indonesia. More than 50,000 commercial vessels transit the Straits annually and at certain parts of the voyage, ships of up to Malaccamax size sail within 10 miles of the Malaysian mainland. 

Commercial sailing schedules in the Straits are constantly changing with variable loading and refuelling times as well as tropical weather conditions. The close proximity of the aerial camera team to the shipping lanes mean they can be flexible with their flight plan to accurately match the changing realities of the ship’s location offshore.

Senai Airport at the southern tip of Malaysia also provides rapid access to major shipping lanes off the east coast of the Malaysia peninsular to ships arriving into Singapore from China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

Malaysia's location 3 degrees above the equator gives the region a consistent 12 hrs of daylight and the photographer and pilots are available to provide the client with aerial photographic services from sunrise to sunset; 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

With more than three decades of experience shooting in a blue water environment, Aerial Marine Media are recognised as one of the most experienced and versatile marine media companies anywhere in the world.