Helicopter Aerial Imagery

Aerial Marine Media provide the motion picture industry with helicopter aerial cinematography services for feature filmscommercials, documentaries , sports television and corporate communications.

They also provide the aviation industry and the military with specialist air to air photography and cinematography which is used for advertising and marketing purposes in the cinema, on television and in all print and electronic media. Their clients include Airbus Helicopters, AgustaWestland and Robinson and they also operate professionally from Bell and MD camera ships.

The heritage of their cinematography goes back to shooting current affairs television in New Zealand and Australia 1975 - 1985 and the company then expanded their operation into all aspects of cinema and television production. They currently shoot in all 16mm / 35mm film, HD and digital acquisition formats and have extensive experience in Tyler-type side mounts, nose mounts, the ATM mount, the Scorpio, Schwem and the Cineflex camera systems. They own 2 x K8 gyros and have built cost effective camera mounts for documentary and corporate productions in remote locations like Togo, Java and Sumatra.

The camera team have full HUET and BOSIET accreditation until 2018.