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Turkish Stars - Supersonic Heroes

During the making of of the film Turkish Stars - A Star Is Born, aerial cinematographer Laurie L. Gilbert shot almost 60 hours of rock stable, in-cockpit motion picture imagery of the most extreme supersonic aerobatics.

Once the original film was released in Turkey, the Istanbul based production team decided to edit a lot of the dramatic footage that hadnt been used to make a second film capturing the extraordinary reality of this type of radical flying.

"Bir Yildiz Doguyor" - or "Turkish Stars - Supersonic Heroes" is a 50 min music montage of F4 in-cockpit motion picture material which was then released in Turkey by the Turkish Air Force and is sold as support media at all of the international airshows where the team performs. 

The material for both films was shot over an eight week period, during which the aerial cinematographer flew on innumerable sorties throughout Turkey in full formation with the team. The filming was performed from both F4b and KC135 camera ships which were dedicated for the cinematography of the film.

During many of these these flights, the DOP and his motion picture cameras had to operate in a 5 - 7G and the Canon DV cameras were chosen for their ability to operate flawlessly in a high G force environment.

The final film won "Best Cinematography - Long Form" at the Asian Television Technical and Creative Awards 2001 and is dedicated to director Ahmet Kayacik who lost his life in an air crash during its production.


ClientTurkish Air Force
Production CompanyKayacik Photo Productions
DirectorAhmet Kayacik
Talent PilotMusic - Fahir Atakogiu
Filming TechniqueAerial in-cockpit imagery
LocationIstanbul, Ismir, Antolya, Konya